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Watertight Models Track

of SHape REtrieval Contest 2007


The aim of SHREC '07 is to provide a common benchmark for the evaluation of the effectiveness of 3D-shape retrieval algorithms. This year the competition is organized into different tracks. This page addresses the Watertight Models track.

Description of the track: Watertight Models

The collection to search in is made of 400 watertight models, i. e. object models represented by seamless surfaces (without defective holes or gaps). Each model will be used in turn as a query against the remaining part of the database. For a given query, the goal of the track is to retrieve the most similar objects. The relevance, marginal relevance or non-relevance of the models for a given query, i.e. the ground truth, will be established a priori. The performance of the algorithms will be evaluated using the measures and tools developed in SHREC '06.

What you need to do to participate

Each participant is requested to:


Results are now available here.

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Last update: 29/05/2007